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Kristen Davies  (Kris)



Kris has been happily married to her husband Grant for 29 years.  They have two grown children Steven and Rebecca and two beautiful grandchildren Isla (3) and Axel (1) . They have lived in Ellenbrook for 19 years with a few years gap in between when they left to live in Alexander Heights and then in Daglish to care for Kris' Grandmother and Great Aunt.

Kris was first introduced to natural health as she was growing up by her Grandmother Mater who was always very health conscious and would always take her vitamins each day and try to treat any health problems naturally.  Mater lived to the ripe old age of 96.

In February of 2007, Kris was diagnosed with bowel cancer and commenced radiation and chemo.  She was unable to be operated at the time because she also had crohns disease and there was some problems and she would have to wait.  About 4 weeks into her chemo and radiation she saw Michelle in her clinic and it was after that appointment that Kris starting doing alot of research for herself and made the informed decision to stop her chemo and radiation and make alot of changes to her diet and other lifestyle changes. She copped alot of flack from the doctors and well meaning friends but her husband and family were very supportive. Kris found a doctor who supported her decision and with his support and Michelle's help and much dedication from Kris, that after treating herself naturally for 7 months, she was told after scans that she had gone into remission.

to be continued......