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Hay Fever



Hay fever is an allergic response that affects the mucous membranes of the nose, eyes and air passages. Most people who suffer from Hay Fever have an allergy to house dust, feathers, animal hair, fungus spores, powder, pesticides, pollen or mould. The worst time of year for the majority of people is springtime when pollens from trees, grasses and flowers are out and people are also out enjoying nature.

Symptoms include itchy, red eyes; watery discharge from the nose and eyes; sneezing; fatigue; and nervous irritability.

Many people get cold like symptoms, but unlike a cold, Hay Fever leaves people feeling fatigued for weeks.



Eat more fruit, especially bananas, more vegetables, grains and raw nuts and seeds. Stay on a high fibre diet.

If you enjoy horseradish use it liberally as it is good for a runny nose. Eat yoghurt at least three times a week. Avoid processed foods, eg cakes, chocolate etc. Avoid tobacco and alcohol, tobacco irritates the lungs and eyes, and alcohol increases production of mucous.

Use your car air conditioner when driving, especially in the afternoon when the breeze is blowing. If you need to garden or play sport try to do this in the morning. Change your clothes and shower when you come inside, as pollen will cling to clothing and hair. Try to keep your pets either inside or outside on the whole as pollen will cling to them as well.


400 mg of caffeine can alleviate hay fever symptoms

Bromelain reduces inflammation.

Coenzyme Q10 improves oxygenation and immunity.

Quercetin may exert an anti inflammatory action.

MSM may reduce symptom quite significantly.

Homeopathic products.

Vitamin C can alleviate symptoms.

These are a few of the supplements that can help with the symptoms of hay fever.

You need to see your Natural Therapist for the correct supplements that your body needs.

The adrenal system needs to be strengthened, as does the immune system.



Itchy eye – place a slice of cucumber over your eyes.

Congestion – eucalyptus oil used as an inhalant, or three drops in a glass of milk, which is then added to the bath, or three drops in the corner of the shower when showering.

Itchy throat hold a dropper full of golden seal extract in your mouth for a few seconds then swallow.

Caution – do not use for more than one week at time, as it will disrupt the intestinal flora.

Noni juice may relieve symptoms.

Mangosteen may help to relive symptoms.



Find what you are allergic to.

Try to avoid substances that you are allergic to.

Avoid out door situations if you are allergic to pollen, grasses etc.



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