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Specializing in Mental and Physical Health, Pain and Stress Relief




Relaxation Massage


Relaxation massage consists of gentle kneading at a pressure that suits the individual person. This is excellent to help to relieve stress and to help with a positive outlook on life.

Remedial Massage
Remedial massage is used to treat injuries to the body. The methods used are trigger point, deep tissue, cupping, kneading, chopping, accupressure and a small amount of shitasu. All remedial massage is finished using relaxation massage, as the muscles remember the last thing that has happened to them, so if they have a painful experience, that will be what they "remember", if they have a gentle experience they will "remember " that and will respond better and faster.
The following problem areas respond very well to remedial massage.
Back and neck issues, frozen shoulder, sprains and strains , joint injures, headaches, fluid retention, both chronic and acute pain in muscles, repetitive strain injures, in fact all and any muscle and joint pain.
Lymphatic Drainage
Lymphatic drainage is used to drain fluid from the body that has gathered in a particular area. Often people who have had cancer and had the lymph nodes removed have  odeoma. This can be painful , but can be relieved.
Bowen Technique
Bowen technique is a muscles balancing technique used to help injuries to progress. This procedure does not require a person to disrobe.
Reiki is a non invasive modality that helps one cope with  problems that are happening in their life and helps them to change how they approach things. One stays dressed and the practitioner puts their hands on your body in set positions.It is also excellent to help injuries.  Stress melts away when having a Reiki session.  Reiki stays with you after the session for quite some time.
Supplements are used to help with health problems. There are also natural anti-inflammatories to help with muscle and joint issues.  Weight loss shakes that are a balanced diet, supplements to help lose weight and programs to help the weight to stay off.  Supplements for various ailments and deficiencies.
Counselling is offered for those who want to change the direction their life is going to a more positive manner. Self esteem is treated using a program that allows one to progress at their own rate.  I have counselled couples in relationships to give them the skills to communicate in a manner that contributes to their relationship as well as teenagers and one on one with particular problems.
Sessions are by appointment only.
1 hour                         $60.00